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I receive 403 Forbidden errors.
If you receive 403 Forbidden errors when trying to access your site please make sure that your public_html directory has its permissions set to 755
What is my home directory path?
Your home directory is: /home/username/ and your web pages should be located under /home/username/public_html
How can I view my web traffic statistics?
This guide covers viewing your website stats using the powerful Awstats log analyzer available from your CPanel account.
What is robots.txt?
A text file stored in the top level directory of a web site to deny access by robots to certain pages or sub-directories of the site.
File Type Restrictions
There are no file type restrictions as long as they adhere to our Terms Of Service and Acceptable Usage Policies.
Things that will get your account suspended

A list of things to be aware to avoid having your account suspended or removed.

How do I create a custom error page?
How to create custom error pages such as 404 - File Not Found

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